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  • CELOUI Hand Moisturizer - CELOUI Skincare
  • CELOUI Hand Moisturizer - CELOUI Skincare
  • CELOUI Hand Moisturizer - CELOUI Skincare
  • CELOUI Hand Moisturizer - CELOUI Skincare
  • CELOUI Hand Moisturizer - CELOUI Skincare
  • CELOUI Hand Moisturizer - CELOUI Skincare
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CELOUI Skincare

CELOUI Hand Moisturizer

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Hello All, 

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What is it?

CELOUI Hand Moisturizer is a lotion bar that moisturizes and conditions your hands. It quickly hydrates and is never greasy. This hand moisturizing bar prevents dry hands after washing.

Why is it better? Unlike other water-based lotion or balm, CELOUI hand moisturizer does not contain water, thus it forms a layer of natural oil film on your skin; it sometimes lasts even after you have washed your hands. Additionally, not using water means that we do not have to use preservatives. So it is safe during pregnancy and for kids. 

It's chic, stylish, compact, fashionable and easy to carry so that you can conveniently use it at any time.

What’s in it? What do they do?


  • Grapeseed Oil: Linoleic acid in grapeseed oil has anti-inflammatory properties, actively reducing inflammation in the skin’s epidermal (top) and dermal (middle) layers. Also, vitamins E, D, and C in grapeseed oil make it a fantastic emollient to keep your hands moisturized.
  • Borage Oil: A Mediterranean native, sometimes is called ‘starflower,’ Borage oil is known to be effective at restoring skin barriers.
  • Olive Oil and Coconut Oil: Olive oil gently moisturizes and nourishes your skin.  Olive oil can penetrate deeply into your skin, providing long-lasting moisturization. Some studies have shown that olive oil and coconut oil have antibacterial properties. 
  • Tea Tree Oil and Oregano Oil: Tea Tree and Oregano essential oils are both known to be anti-bacterial and antiviral. Extra protection against bacteria and viruses while moisturizing would never hurt, especially in these days.  

What it is formulated WITHOUT:

  • Paraben
  • Sulfates
  • Phthalates
  • Silicones
  • Artificial Dyes,
  • PEGs


Vitus Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Oil, Cetyl Alcohol, Borago Officinalis (Borage) Seed Oil, Origanum Compactum (Oregano) Oil, Melaleuca Alternafolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil


DISCLAIMER: Statements here are not evaluated by the FDA. This product is not meant to replace the word of a doctor nor to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Please consult your physician before using any products with essential oils if you have any prior medical conditions.