About me and my products

<My Background>

Just like you, I have constantly searched for better skincare products that I can trust. And just like you, I could not find skincare products that I continued to like for a long period of time.

My professional and educational background paved the path to my passion—developing natural skincare products that work and can be trusted.

I worked at a biomedical company that manufactures various medical diagnostic tools. While working, I also attended acupuncture school, earning a degree and license in acupuncture and herbology. I thought I had a clear idea about the skincare formulation for my own honest and luxurious products. And that is how the idea of CELOUI products was born.  

To be frank, in the beginning, I thought I was well prepared for my goal; I naively hoped to launch new products within a few weeks. It took much longer than I expected to market a product that I would be proud to sell, but I succeeded. I developed something that I earnestly believe is worth your money.


<My Take>

Perhaps the word philosophy is a bit grandiose, but my philosophy in developing CELOUI products goes like this:

I believe in the power of natural ingredients. Mother Nature offers us so many wonderful materials to soothe, heal, and nourish ourselves. Sometimes a bit too many. My job here is to mix and blend these natural treasures to maximize the benefits. It took me many years to find the optimal blend of the right ingredients. I have taken special care to ensure that the ingredients I am formulating are safe, effective, and in synergistic harmony. This means the various ingredients work together to produce an enhanced result.

While not denying my enthusiasm for natural ingredients, I try to be open-minded. My experience as a biologist has told me that we should not abandon synthetic ingredients. In fact, some synthetic ingredients (for example, vitamin C) are safer and more effective than natural ingredients. It is the role of the skincare product formulator to choose the right ingredients whether they be natural or synthetic. Again, I put great emphasis on selection and blending of ingredients.

Also, I believe in simplicity - I mean simplicity in the user's perspective. Even the best elixir won't work if it is too hard to use. That said, I don’t think we need ten different creams, serums, toners and all to keep our skin healthy. I created a simple two-step daily routine that will restore equilibrium in the skin system. I enjoy my products, and I hope you will too.

Finally, I have strong confidence in the handcrafted skincare products. And I choose to handcraft my products whenever possible. While acknowledging that there are some areas where handcraft is not suitable, for example sunscreen, I believe skincare products are by nature in line with handcraft.

A skincare product is an intimate item. It touches, embraces, and enters us. I think any skincare products should be treated as if they were food. In that sense, factory manufactured skincare products have limitation. A self-respecting skincare product should be handcrafted, each imbued with sincerity, warmth, and respect. I told myself that if I want to make skincare products that are worth your investment of money and time, I should have them “made-to-order,” not “having been waiting in the warehouse for months.”  



All my products are produced here in the US. I handcraft my products in small batch sizes to ensure that the freshest products are delivered to you. I will keep working hard to deliver to you the best and freshest products; I use small airless bottles for all my products to keep them as fresh as possible. I recommend that you keep my products in the refrigerator, if possible. Refrigeration helps products to last longer, and gives a better feel when you apply them to your skin